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Smoke Alarms

Smoke Detectors Save Lives!

Yes, it's really that simple. If you have just one smoke detector in your home, you will reduce the chance of your family dying in a fire by 50%. Add additional detectors and you will reduce the risk even further.

At a minimum, your home should have a smoke detector outside of each sleeping area, which will protect the occupants while they sleep. In addition, there should be a detector near the kitchen and near the laundry area as dryer fires are a common cause of home fires.

This is important as the carbon monoxide produced by the fire will put occupants into the deeper sleep. The longer they remain in the smoke, the more unlikely it is that they will recognize the danger and be able to escape.

If you live in a two-story home, there should be one detector at the base of the stairs, and one at the top, to protect the 2nd story bedrooms. In addition, there should be one near the kitchen and again, one outside of any first-story sleeping areas.

In addition, detectors are recommended for the bedrooms of both the elderly and young children, as well in the bedrooms occupied by adults who may smoke while in bed.

All new homes are required by code to have a minimum of one electric hard-wired smoke detector outside of each sleeping area and in each bedroom. This includes homes that are being sold as well.

If you rent, your landlord is required to provide at a minimum, one smoke detector per level.

Smoke detectors are only part of the fire safety package. Every home should have a fire escape plan, including an exterior family meeting place. The plan should be practiced at least twice a year, and all children should know how to open their bedroom windows as a second route of escape.


Free Smoke Detectors

Bossier Parish Fire District 1, in conjunction with the Louisiana State Fire marshal's Office will install free smoke detectors in the homes of the elderly or low-income families with children for free upon request. The program uses a 10-year no maintenance smoke detectors provided by the Fire Marshal's Office.

If you area senior, or a family on a limited income, and need smoke detectors in your home, please contact us at 949-9440 or contact Fire Prevention Officer Bob Callahan at to schedule an installation.